How to foster a growth mindset in your kids (& why you should)

What do you say to your child when they bring home an A or a C? If you’re like me, thinking ahead about how to respond to that isn’t something I’ve paid much attention to. I don’t feel that I’ve been intentional about fostering a growth mindset in my kids or my students. But that’s something I’m working to change.

Helicopter or Bulldozer Parent – Are You One of Them?

When we started having kids, I never gave much thought to the type of parent I would be. I had great parents, and I assumed I would be the perfect parent. How much time and energy have you put into what kind of mom or dad you want to be? Have you taken those quizzes […]

How to Survive the 2020 School Year – The Parent’s Guide

This school year is full of options – distance learning, in-classroom learning, and homeschooling. If you’ve been on social media at all, the memes are all over the place. Everyone has a different opinion and idea about which way is best, worst, safest, etc. Personally, it’s gotten a little crazy, but that seems to be […]

The 5 Best Shops In Southampton – 2020

Not your typical beach town, Southampton requires a chic daytime wardrobe — A mix of different colors and textures, which reflect mostly Cosmo, with a touch of laid back summer holiday style. It is New Yorkers home away from home during the summer months, and the shop owners feel the pressure to keep in line […]

How To Organize Your Pantry With 3 Inexpensive Products

Organizing your pantry and keeping it Pinterest-worthy can be a challenge, but with a few simple products and a good plan, you will be well on your way! Today I am sharing my planning process and the organizational products I used to get it done. If you want to step up your pantry organization game […]

How To Make Your Grey Living Room Walls Feel Cozy With 5 Easy Tips

As anyone who has done a home renovation will tell you, it can seem like it will never end. When we redid our kitchen, it took six months of living in a dust ball with no kitchen sink and a jackhammered concrete floor until we finally put the finishing touches on our newly renovated kitchen. […]

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