Celebrate Mother’s Day This Way Instead!

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Why this Mother’s Day is different from all the rest – I’m sharing this open letter to my mom with hope that it will warm your mama heart also.

Dear Mom,

For me, this Mother’s day is different from all the rest. I want to start by telling you how grateful I am to spend another year with you. Your accident last year certainly had me terrified that I could lose you at any time. It reminded me that life is so precious and needs to be celebrated daily. Living intentionally –  each and every day has never been so meaningful to me.

“Thank you” will never be enough!

And so…it’s almost time to celebrate Mother’s Day. How would you like to celebrate? Would you love to be showered with gifts? Want to do a family picnic? Or a quiet day of pampering instead? You know you deserve more than a day, don’t you?

This year, I want to help you make it a wonderful Mother’s MONTH – because one day might help you catch your breath and log a couple more special memories. But if you celebrate Mother’s Day for the month, you might renew a calm mind and a heart full of joy for all things that come with motherhood – even the messiness!

Being a mom is Laborious Work – and as you have always said – it’s a job that is never done – no matter how old your children are.

First, it’s important to note that your mom duty began while you were preparing for me to arrive. Then there was labor. Have you looked up the meaning of labor before? 

labor (noun): expenditure of physical or mental effort especially when difficult or compulsory

labor (verb): to exert one’s powers of body or mind, especially with painful or strenuous effort

Your job as a mom began with the very definition of an intensive, yet rewarding task, “LABOR”! 

“When challenging or part of your obligation” – so, often not even what you would prefer to be doing. You probably didn’t love changing my rancid diapers or picking up the toy I dropped on purpose 3 times in a row when you were trying to keep John (my older brother) out of mischief. 

You may have been panicked and furious when I went through my rebellious teen years. That was fun for you – I’m sure! You made it clear when I made poor choices but when you returned to a state of calm, your love spoke even louder.

I’m sure there were things that you would have rather been doing than running me to practices, games, dances, friends’ homes, and doctors’ appointments in between working, putting food on the table, clothing us, and making sure we didn’t burn the house down somehow. But that never kept you from being my biggest cheerleader and allowing us to invite an extra friend for dinner – again. 

You always seem so strong even when you say you feel a little ragged. 

There simply is no way to repay you for your labor of love. You helped me become the mom I am today and through your example, I understand what it means to be intentional with my time. And that has been life-changing for me. 

You may not have thought that I noticed these things through the years, but I did!

You guide me, even more so as an adult, with my own family,  in what’s right and wrong, always encouraging me to be myself and learn from my own mistakes. Despite my blips, you always find a way to build me up.

You protect.

You listen. You worry. 

Still, you encourage. 

You never give up. 24/7 you pour your love into us and around us – we can’t shake your presence even if we wanted to! 

You might not think I heard you, but your words are echoing now, as I smile. And I hear YOU in my very own words.

Neither of us is perfect, of course. You’ve reminded me of that plenty. But you are my selfless hero.

And for that, Mom, you deserve more than one day – much more than 1 month. But as you’ve always said…one day at a time! 

Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day for the Month!

So, Mom, in case you need help remembering how to take more intentional care of yourself as you do us, here are some ideas:

  • Color or paint. This activity brings back so many warm childhood memories with you. So many good talks. I have learned to infuse art into my own family as a way of connecting. Because of you we have the best conversations over a coloring book or a paint pallet.
  • Breathe and remember that “this too shall pass.” I will carry Grandma’s words with me always.  
  • Sit in the garden and connect with nature (it’s therapeutic!).
  • Go to the salon and get a mani or pedi, or both. (it’s rejuvenating!).

: ) See, Mom, I did listen. Now it’s your turn. Take time to relax and celebrate all you’ve done and all you are. Mom, you are…the Best. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Xo Danielle 

Other amazing moms reading this, did this resonate with you – as a mom or daughter? Comment below and hop over here to grab a freebie with fresh recipes and tips to help you live more intentional and joyfully through it ALL, too.

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