Pasta e Fagioli – A Traditional Soup Recipe That’s Easy To Pull Together

What is the secret ingredient to your Italian friend’s meal? You know what meal I mean — The one that has you wishing you had one more serving before heading home. I mean, it tasted like it was straight from the hills of Italy and apparently it was whipped up as you were on your way over to visit. How do they do it?

Easy and Healthy Iced Tea Recipe

Homemade Lemon Iced Tea is an easy, refreshing drink recipe that will get your day off on the right foot all season long! Doesn’t everyone love being awakened by the warm sunshine peeking through their window and the pleasant sound of birds singing? Until it hits you — You have One hundred things to check […]

How To Make Healthy (And Quick!) Breakfast Oats

Make-ahead, protein packed meals are an amazing way to fuel our bodies and overnight oats are complete game changers. I love having protein-dense snacks at the ready for me and the kids. I also look for recipes that have less sugar AND are non-dairy, as my 15-year-old has a dairy allergy.  I love cooking and […]

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