The 5 Best Shops In Southampton – 2020

Not your typical beach town, Southampton requires a chic daytime wardrobe — A mix of different colors and textures, which reflect mostly Cosmo, with a touch of laid back summer holiday style. It is New Yorkers home away from home during the summer months, and the shop owners feel the pressure to keep in line with their home base of Madison and Fifth ave. Door to door, our drive to Southampton is one hour and thirty minutes. We most often head out on a Friday night, after the traffic has settled. The drive gives me a chance to unwind from the crazy week and sets a relaxed mood, anticipating the uninterrupted family week ahead. We all pause our busy lives to come together, regroup, and catch up. The never-ending sunny days by the pool and fun-filled nights of stories and laughter have an amazing way of restoring my soul. BUT, rainy days in Southampton are the BEST!

Yes, you read that right! While long sunny family days at the beach make for great Instagram pictures and poolside memories are the kind that warm the heart — rainy days look way different (some adorable photo ops here too). As some pull the covers up to their chin to watch the next few episodes of their favorite Netflix series, others curl up in a chair to read a few chapters of their favorite book — I, however, see this as an opportunity to escape. Yes, escape the organized chaos that ensues with ten of us and two dogs in one house. I always announce, “I will be right back” — which translates into getting lost in town for hours on end. Here’s the lineup of my favorite shops:

I love catching up with my favorite boutique owners, like Kelly from Therapy Life and Style. I stopped in to see her this past week, and we chatted about our mutual, deep appreciation for those one-of-a-kind, hand made accessories like the adorable Buddha piece I purchased, (definitely at the top of my new favorites). I also picked up the cutest beach tote. Kelly’s place has a friendly and inviting atmosphere, filled with lovely, unique products. So many cute things to look at, that I usually make more than one stop before heading back home. On your next trip to Southampton, stop in to say hello and let Kelly know that Eden Inspired Homes sent you. You will not want to leave before picking up a few Camp craft cocktails – Trust me – one is not enough.

Therapy Life and Style – Southampton. The cutest curation of summer edits for 2020. Shop owner, Kelly and I had an immediate connection when we began chatting about our deep appreciation for one of a kind, hand made accessories. I love her unique selection

Next stop Jennifer Miller. I can not run through town without stopping into my favorite accessories shop. Jennifer has shops in NYC, Palm Beach, South Beach, East Hampton, and Southampton. Her unique line of jewelry is unparalleled. My family calls me an accessory junkie – No outfit is complete without an adorable piece of jewelry. This year I did a little hinting to my daughters about what the perfect birthday gift would be. My husband gets suggestions, even when he’s not asking – ; )  I can not wait to get my hands on my new evil eye necklace. It’s fabulous – I am so in love. If you need a little sparkle in your life and you love unique pieces, stop in to see her – you won’t be disappointed.

Jennifer Miller – Southampton. If you need a little sparkle in your life – Jennifer Miller is the place to shop. Always a friendly chop to pop into

Flying Point Surf and sport is my go-to shop for cozy sweatshirts and swimwear. I am always greeted by a friendly staff member whos happy to assist me in finding exactly what I am shopping for. They carry something for every member of the family — My boys love their extensive selection of board shorts, socks, hats, and sunglasses. The girls love the swimsuits, accessories, and oversized hoodies.

Flying Point Surf and Sport Southampton.
BILLA BONG – X SINCERELY JULES FEELING FREE – BURNT GOLD. I am so drawn to the trending burnt gold and I am in love with this top

One Kings Lane. This revamped two-story library, circa 1895, is a stop you do not want to miss. Previously only online, the new brick and mortar shop lends a different sensory experience. Wondering in and out of their vast product assortment, feeling all of the different textures is so satisfying. I have my eye on a few pieces, like the Grey London Medallion for my sitting room bookshelf restyling, The Antique Weathered Gray Pot, and the White Cassius Marble Sculpture for my coffee table styling. They are expected to arrive in September — Stay tuned for the restyling of my sitting room. I love to incorporate a vintage piece or two into my designs. A good vintage piece lends a feel of history, warming the space. One Kings lane carries designer, vintage, and exclusive home furnishings in every style — You can even customize to your style. It is my go-to stop when I am redecorating or just freshening up space.

One Kings Lane – Southampton. One Kings lane carries designer, vintage, and exclusive home furnishings in every style — You can even customize to your style. It is my go-to stop when I am redecorating or just freshening up space.

DESIGNER TIP: Incorporating old and new gives your space a more cohesive feel. Try placing a vintage vase or lamp on a contemporary console. Always have the opposing items touching each other – you will be surprised at the feel you create.

One shop that is seriously overlooked and underestimated is Hildreth’s Home Goods. Still in its original location since 1842 — that’s 175 years and thirteen generations of family members running it. That is a legacy like no other. Here is where you will find interior and exterior furnishings like beach chairs, beach umbrellas, bedding, and cushions. Their selection of throw pillows always gets me.

Hildreth’s Home Goods – Southampton

According to a survey conducted by Ebates, one out of five Americans engage in retail therapy to improve their mood when they are feeling down or depressed. If you are wondering, Retail therapy is a real thing – Have you ever found yourself wondering around your favorite store when you are feeling blue or board? Only to realize that your aimless wondering, DID in fact, lift your mood. That is not by coincidence – a study by North Star Phycology shows that accumulating material possessions will give you immediate satisfaction and boost your mood. Now I’m not suggesting that you avoid your problems by shopping – as this would be contributing to a more significant problem. I am, however, saying that a day out with the girls browsing your favorite spots, is the perfect RX for any blue day. Are you having a bad day?  Grab your keys, a good friend, and head over to your favorite boutique. Studies show that it is an effective way to cure your immediate blues.

What are your favorite retail therapy shops in Southampton?

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